Thursday, 1 July 2010

forever ** off **

everything was up..

I'm really pure,innocent from envy and white girl..don't like to injure anybody unlike some of I ''' knew ''' .. because I liked to be lonely since childhood..doing every thing by myself..taking responsibility and independent gal ,I didn't prefer to friend..maybe you say between you and yourself..what's up???.. the life without friend supports you equals ZERO..,but what I faced and I'm facing now..let me really looking for my old lonely..I invoke God to make me without feeling,without heart..I can't bear what I'm suffering now..I'm attractive girl and have unique personality as other said to me..once girls in my university see me,they want to friend me..they don't care looking into I look..what I wear.. little bit of my personality..once unlike of my classmate came to me and said to me that she wondered of me and she liked to be my the beginning I didn't accept this friendship..for three months she asked for this friendship..still I said to her let's be colleague..I couldn't be your friend..I couldn't trust in anybody because I faced harsh fate..she promised me that not injured me evermore..I believed her by HUMAN'S NATURE..I really regretted for believing by day..month by month..I was her best fried and she also..passed.. nine months passed...and one of her friend started to say bad things..false rumors about me due to her bad's nature,her envy and her primary '''aim'''dividing between us..she succeeded in achieving what she looked forward ,but the most difficult when my friend believed her..I couldn't cry resulting of this shock..both emotionally and physically suffered..I didn't object because this was my fate..once while I was in the mobile lighting..there was a message..I couldn't know from whom,the number unsaved..showed it to my sister hope to know..yaaah she was from my friend..I couldn't know it because I deleted her number..sent to me ""I miss you..can I see you..I want to sit with you like old days""..sent to her ""me to ,but I can't""should to forget each other.. she began to say bad things about me until now .....her friend came to me last day..wanted to forgive,trust in anybody is so difficult..but I'm not worry..they will have it back one day..
now..after these things..I'm off to friend and back to my lonely..

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