Thursday, 1 July 2010

so GRATEFUL to him..

Dr. in curricula and methods of teaching English
his nationality is Egyptian

He is enthusiastic , sincere and well-informed. I would say to him thanks so much for everything he did for us ..really he is one of the greatest I have never met .. maybe he taught me just two subjects , but I swear I benefit from them ,from him and from what he said as far as I can.. I benefit from these two subjects not only in English language or in practical training but in all my life.. I'll be missing his lectures so much .. I look forward studying with him again..he inspires me to do a lot of look inside and outside the person..hope to be like him in future with my students.. I'm really proud to be one of his student..And, I would present my successful to him..


  1. I've been there my friend ;)
    I bet it feels good when you have such an inspiration in your life , someone to serve as a mentor , and to push you forward :)