Saturday, 28 August 2010


so sleepy but I can't .so tired,weary,exhausted,pondering,erratic, can list just identical and similar other words.owing to this state,I have been decided to write this may come to the aid of me..relieve me.they ought to read it one day.. heard by chance about it..understand so deep deeper deeply what I'm about to..what I intend..why when girls engaged not get married yet change no not change..turn..totally turning..they are interested in trivial things..they are into superficial matters comparing to their old dreams,hopes,desires and achievements,,!!Does engagement turn the person highly?!!make them another persons flattering and pretending perfectly..begin to think how they can satisfy their fiancés in any way even if it's not satisfy oneself..why!!where have your real personality been??where does it disappeared!!you hated to wear short skirt and it's ok now..your mobile was silent all the time but now it deafens my didn't accept the advices from me but from him "welcome" nevertheless my mine for your interest but his is against your had dreams to continue your studying and now leave them and give did know me personally and now I forget your were nice and kindness but right now so arrogant..O.O..Are this results for the sweetness speech that heard from their fiancés or what??HAAAAAAAAAA!!!..up to now they are engaged.I wont know what will happen if they get married O.O" Disaster".they might change their names to complete turning may you are saying "no no not like this..not so bad at all" but I will let you with my shocked experiences..
*I had a friend and after THREE complete years,I knew BY CHANCE that she was engaged three years ago..
*I had a friend and she was so hesitated >>what she will be or yellow..I remembered that day well..she treated me so shamelessness just for a man didn't know him yet..after all she or he reject other I did't know and care..she apologized but I just withdrew myself bit by bit till I succeeded.*God just skip this part..
*two of my close persons are changing totally..they are the reason and motivation behind writing this post.
I'm so tired to complete other or even think about so.
*what I mentioned above as an examples are for mentioning not for counting.
p.s..I'm not jealous or envy them.I don't care about them more..I'M JUST INTERESTED IN BIG MINDS..INTO BIG THOUGHTS only..I can get married any time but I don't want right now.
p.p.s..might you welcome my soul monologue!!


  1. in my opinion they are stupid when they do things like this .
    so what if you are going to marry happy for you and don't worry i won't take your husband away from you >_<"

  2. Salaam :)

    I'm 10000000 % with every thing you said it ...

    It's really true .. As Am I jealous from them ???

    Or sometime when some girl engaged they talk & talk bla bla bla ... he did this, he did that, he will do this and that ..... ( BORING )

    Or she get rid of every girl she know her...

    Or they didn't say that she engaged she fear of envy from other girls they didn't engaged yet !!!

    The last thing, There is some girl wonderful when the engaged, they didn't change :)

    Thank you ....

  3. Salaam Alaikum

    Ramadan Kareem. Nice blog. :) I hope your RAmadan is going well and your mum is feeling better, Inshallah:)

  4. White freedom..
    hey there..hope you are doing well
    what do you meeeeeeeeeeean:P

  5. Visible..I miss you..hope you having a nice time.
    for me I kick them off right away and I'm so a proud of my deed..
    I agree you that so little and bit nice girls but i'm on my way to look for them.

  6. blue pearl..
    Ramadan Mubarak upon you too
    nice to see you around
    Thank you for your kindness..that's very nice of you..

  7. H.
    how are you..hope you having blessed time??
    they change..change{no doubt},but the matter is if their change badly or reasonable!!

  8. i mean it in general :) sorry if you misunderstood :)

  9. no are welcome any time..

  10. the second experience u have been through it is just like my experience but I told my friend with clear words that she did wrong but she never apologize...shocked

  11. It's didn't need a lot of effort to told her that she did know why?? anyone commits sin or mistake,he knows very well that he was wrong.
    the pleasure is meeting you here..
    Are you Rhash??$$

  12. Salaam alaikum dear darling, just dropped by to say Eid mubarak. Have a wonderful time:)

  13. oh honey..what a sweet you are..
    wishing you an Eid that bring with it happiness to stay always.
    Happy Eid^.^

  14. The engaged girls changed because their life changed.
    They have to change to make it work!

    I have been through such experience and both, the man and the girl are demanding.

  15. I have no tiny doubt that they changed owing to their new type of life..

    I wanna just from everyone read this post know that I mean their treatment to their dears>>become worse and disrespectful..

    P.S..I don't and wont deny that there are a great couples become awesome as soon as getting married.