Monday, 16 August 2010

During my absence?!!

A month ago was written the last post in mine and during all this era I didn't post circumstances didn't allow me to blog,comment and gratulate you happy and blessing Ramadan..
During this time:
*my mom entered hospital for a while and she recovered (praises be to Allah)..for this I would like to thank everyone who supported me and prayed for her.
*we travel to Dammam to see my grandfather..he is in hospital until now..may Allah get him will soon in this blessing month.
*we rented a new home and began to furnish it.,we will move soon (if Allah wills).
*The new servant came..on time:))
That's all and praises be to Allah for everything..
All in all..I miss you dears..I wanna wish you happy Ramadan..I know that I'm being late at this but just accept it..
may Allah support and help us to fast Ramadan,spend it well and gain FORGIVENESS.


  1. happy your mom is OK now . and all my prayers to your grandfather to be more healthy
    it's OK if we didn't see for wile because you have reasons :)
    congratulation for new home:)

    Ramadan Kareem

  2. hi White Freedom..I missed you ALLLLLLLLLLLOT..
    how are you??how is Ramadan going?!!long time to see you..hope everything is going smoothly..Thank you for your prayers and first comment:))
    lovely entry..:)

  3. Salaam :D

    Ramadan Kareem ... How are you with Ramadan??
    Happy for your mother... I was thinking about her..
    1 month no news no comment from you ...
    My prayer for your grandfather to get will very soon..

    congratulation for the new home :D..

    again welcome back :)

    p.s: Here, the weather is very very humid and hot.. But when I saw your new template for the blog I felt cold :D... I loved it ...

    Ramadan Kareem

  4. hi sweeti I missed you so much..the pleasure is mine..Mrs visible..:P{{{seeing here}}}..
    blessing Ramadan..
    Thank you for your supporting..I appreciate it..
    *by the way>> why did you change your Nickname??!
    it's nice and strange at the same time..what do you intend of this?!!:DD

  5. Hi there UG;
    Glad your mother is fine right now.
    And wish your grandpa speedy recovery too.
    Congratulations; your new maid arrived on time:) Wish your move to the new home brings you a pretty omen too:)
    Ramadan Mubarak upon you, May Allah accept all your prayers and bless you through those holy days.
    Thanks for the nice diaries sweetie; I liked them:)
    Looking forward at your next posts..
    All the best

  6. Hi darling..what a sweet you are..Ramadan Mubarak upon you's my pleasure to visit my blog..your blog has been visited by me..actually,I just read a little of your last post because I was busy but I intend to go back as soon as have's really awesome..these words have been touched my feeling>>keep going at what you are doing..

  7. Back again :)

    Thank you a lot I appreciate your words..
    About the reason I wrote it in my blog

    Thank you dear :)

  8. الحمد لله على سلامة الوالدة
    و أهلا ً بالعودة

  9. H.Thank you sooo much for your continues will have your charity back If Allah wills.