Friday, 17 September 2010

This blogger is retired!!

for some reasons..I decided to stop blogging.I'm so glad that we knew each other and shared interests' each other and I knew your real nature..

I would just say thanks so much to everyone who supported me to create this and encouraged me not to give up and helped me in improving EL and everyone..everyone

everyone of you has really unique charming..

but really I have to stop..

I'll be missing you,reading yours and looking forward at your next posts.


  1. oh .. I didn't expect this from you....
    I hope this is temporary...
    I will miss you ...

    Try to write at least 1 post every month..

    Take care..
    الله يحفظك ان شاء الله

  2. Hi there sweetie;
    What a post!
    Ouh girl why you took that decision!
    Somehow that makes me feel bad:(
    Well, you can take a break but please don't quite.

  3. we gonna miss you my friend
    i can't make change your mind due everyone has reason :)

    i'm really happy to know you :)

  4. Hey where did you go tooo...come back and explain yourself young lady *smile* huggglesss...please dont go!

  5. I`m not sure if u r gonna get this, I hope u will be back one day.


    u`ve been tagged