Thursday, 15 July 2010

1 2 3...

What shall I do ?
What supposed I to do ?
Should I make planning ?
I decide to write this post to encourage each other,to remind each other and to benefit from each other..
As you know ,we are in summer,fun,vacation,family gathering,traveling,haven't to do anything era...etc.
At the end of vacation ,you gonna say..whew..what time passed!! I didn't do any value things.. okay..never mind..I'll do what in my mind next vacation.
This is not the life..this is something can call it TIME CONSUMING..our God not create us for this sake..maybe you will say..what!! fun is fun but not all time because this will make your life animal..
Without aim you can't live and will realize this..sorry for saying this>>you don't deserve the living even..
I wish all get well soon from this statue..
It's nice and wonderful step to open your note as long as we are at the beginning of vacation and write in form of points what gonna to do per day..
Don't be upset if don't achieve what was written in the note..
Be DYNAMIC to change your planning to be better..
Combine between the value things and fun in order not to be bored..
We have to make the planning something primary in our life.
Planning is demanding in everything to be performable in a good way.
Planning helps us to achieve what we want in easy way and short period.
Planning makes us successful and achiever in our society.
Planning makes us satisfy in our life.
hope to convince and do it..


  1. Girl , this was awesome :)I hate that feeling when I'm at the end of the holiday with no acheivements !!

  2. come far as I are gonna read some books..what you posted it and will post it..your path for improving yourself..honey I wanna understand what I make achievements..don't demand big things..the matter just demands spending the free time in doing value things..for me..calling the relatives,improving your self in a specific field,reading Qura'n,going to AL haram..I know that these a little bit ,but what you do for good sake for good interest concluding others is achievement..honey keep up with your nice achievements and don't frustrate yourself.