Thursday, 15 July 2010

Facts about me..

*I attended wedding party only twice in all my life.I receive a lot of invitations ,but I prefer to stay at home.
*I don't use foundation ever ever..
*I hate and insult the dancing.
*I can't write with LIQUID pen.
*I can't sleep unless I switch off my cellphone ,and it's natural being my cellphone switch off for two months or more..
*I don't wear rings { what I hate them }.
*I'm always on time.


  1. WOW!!! now that's interesting :D... I hate liquid pens too :D
    but heeeeeeey, dancing? even the waka waka dance? :p...

    nice infos about u :D

  2. Do it pleeeeeeeeas..It's fantastic to know crazy things about others:)

  3. i did many of those already.. xD

    check this out

  4. Do you know Fadio that I wanna kill you but before that beat you..
    I read a lot of your post as long as I wrote comment and wanna post it.,it disappears<<give me quick solution but never mind,I enjoyed while I'm in your blog..