Monday, 19 July 2010

blackberry phenomenon :(

inspired by beyondme

Look beyond me and have been talked about Twilights enigma..let's ignore what a nice plot is..quite different,unexampled..regardless of all these..for me and I think it's right because the last Friday sermon was about to these was about "the concept of imitation"..the one imitates the majority even if the one doesn't like the idea or stuff as long as it is the era fashion..I'll give you a small example.."blackberry"..all the guys have one..all the one prefer it,like it,adore it..why??! just because "be be" service..just for using the number and the big disaster when the people give variety to the cover and it's colors..I swear I can't believe this and I hate the blind imitation so much..

*hope to agree..xD


  1. you are like me i hate blackberry , first when i saw it i told my self it's ugly !! i swear i didn't think people will love it
    if we compair between blackberry and iPhone the last one is more atractive but still it's only thing say ''be be '' like you said before
    people here far away from what people out abroad because they use it in there work not for chatting and they become more lazy
    there is people doesn't know how to use it , they bought it just for accessorize and ( look what i have )<< they are so stupid

    before i remember the Pager every one bought it just for look what i have and you didn't

  2. are right at all.. is designed for businesslike,for the one who needs this service all the time in order to follow up the working or what is interested in seriously not for trivial things..
    so,you touch the imitation matter?? !!
    May Allah get them will soon..

  3. I don't like to seem rude but you don't use it and hence can't know how very helpful it is. You get your emails straight away. No more not reading important emails on time. For me, I have a phonephobia so the BB messenger is a life saver. And it makes it easier and cheaper to be connected with my family and friends who live abroad. Plus with the internet server you stay connected all the time, which is very important in this time and day. Needless to mention, the awesome applications that once again makes your life easier. So please don't judge. Blackberries are not only about "imitation".

  4. Hi there..
    first,welcome to my blog
    second,Ramadan Mubarak upon you
    I respect your comment unless you said "So please don't judge".It's my blog and I have right to judge and comment what I'm seeing as long as it's right and not hurt anyone or make a mistake toward some person.I have no interest to defend anyone.*My sister owns one,so I know what I'm about to.*you have been said darling"I don't like to seem rude",so according to yours we already consider anyone doesn't own it rude.*I mentioned in my post two examples which are Twilights and Blackberry and I wrote beforehand "let's ignore what a nice plot is..quite different,unexampled..regardless of all these" for the first example,so the speech applies on the second example which is..regardless all it's features.*Also,I mentioned before that "the one imitates the majority",so I meant the majority in mine.*I noticed the majority used it for trivial things..I don't deny that there are a couple of us used right..
    P.s..again it's your opinion and I accept it.
    p.p.s..Don;t consider what I wrote {attacking}..just {explaining}..