Sunday, 18 July 2010

Jarir Bookshop

Darlings..I have intention to visit Jarir bookshop..before that I would like to share me your experience in Reading and ask you ..which books do you advice me to read??!
I won't go to the bookshop unless I receive your response..
I'm waiting.. xD


  1. Hey honey , You want Arabic or English books ? and which type do you prefer ?Fiction , nonfiction ..

  2. English honey..I prefer the sad,real and clear story,others life's stories..etc..the books that have nice plot..
    And,I need your advice..which book was the best from your point of view..
    *I visit your blog of books and I admire the book thief book..seems awesome<<<I like these types..and I'll buy it If Allah wills.

  3. Why don't you read those reduced editions of the classics . You know like The Old Man and The Sea , Wuthering Heights ,Robinson Crusoe....They are great . They will help you a lot though they might seem a little bit boring because you know they are very simplified and not much detailed !You will find them in the Arabic section :D :D
    However , in case you don't prefer them I suggest you go first with Paulo Coelho's . He is one hell of a writer . His stories are very short , very simple English , very inspiring .
    There is a novel that I recently read and really loved 'If I Should Speak' it's soooooo good .. go buy it!
    All in all honey , you go there , look for thin books , read the blurbs and I'm hell sure you will pick up just the right ones ;)
    If I remembered any other books I will come back :)

  4. Thank you for these suggestions..I'll keep what you have said in mind and will have a look on them..I'm so so excitement..
    Waiting for mores :D