Friday, 2 July 2010

Teacher Amerah..again please..

inspired by beyond me

I not I think.. actually from my point of view..the greatest , most beautiful and the best job in the world is to be Teacher,Lecturer,Dr, Professor..really pretty experience..still influenced by it until now.. couldn't forget it..when I became TEACHER in practical training this semester..whew.. what days passed and finally I'm real Teacher..I did my best and I played the role very well..I was dreaming of I would be..I taught 3rd intermediate English the beginning was difficult.."not treatment of student contrary was the easier one"..the concept of English receipt..all the time they said that they didn't like the we can understand language unlike I make my student understand then like then adore then mind was busy of all these..I liked to be clear from the beginning , so I entered my first class,introduced myself first,told them how I divided their marks much for participation , homework and notebook..began to explain my lesson and all these in reply and interaction the thing that hope to achieve the end of the lesson ,I said to them that what I see unaccepted in my will lose your marks if you behave like must prepare before you least doesn't matter to understand while you prepare..this is my duty.. why I'm here.. they justified that I didn't talk in Arabic..I said you should to habituate yourself..I was depressed but didn't gave up..I read a lot of how can I treat this problem and asked this and that how I can improve their level..I was harsh at the beginning with them but for their interests..bit by bit..step by step..the results were unaccepted..after three months my aim was achieved..I swear..they loved English,began to write in it letter,story then day I asked them " what do you want to be in future??"most of the answers were English thing was gone,they succeeded and will move to secondary stage { if Allah wills } but the most important which I'm looking for was what I left behind.. the duration for me was short..was one semester..hoped to make it longer and stay with them make them the best in the world..
but what if I became a lecturer??
will everything change ..or not???
I will do what I did when I was teacher in school with a little bit differences depends on the level and the student just.. because we are in the same situation { learning and teaching }
* I won't care for attendance..the most terrible thing in results.
* the one who wants to present the class , should came earlier than me and I allow for entering the class for the one who latens five minute only.
* I won't explain everything by myself but give student to explain and participate to see the creation^_^
* I won't follow one technique in teaching, should I vary to liven up my classes.
* my whim..whew.. assignments..daily assignments..but not any assignments will be accepted..should I know the source of it..who help her..sorry I mean who make it instead of her..,so I will make sudden quizzes..I will killed my students by them.
* my questions won't direct and easy to answer.. depend on if the one listens each word,records everything and presents all the lectures.
* I will appreciate the careful person and the one who wants to improve herself.
* my lectures will be the best and I will prove you in the future.
* I won't do anything during my office hours expect waiting my careful students.
* the most important..CHEATING..I swear when I see one of the student cheats either in exams,quiz or assignments, I will punish her,I won't be kindness with least depriving her form my course.

^^ NOW BERO you can killed your friends telling them that I being inspired by you ..moreover..I'm so proud of inspired by you..


  1. Uh ,yes yes I know how inspirational I am << here the bragger goes :p
    You seem to be a very strict teacher . I like you ;)
    Totally agree with the cheating .. I'll kick them off right away !!
    Lovely entry Mero :)

  2. You two girls are awesome mashallah :D
    الله لا يفرق بينكم
    that's really interesting about your training...

    if they could only make copies of you two and distribute it everywhere :D...

    i'm so happy to know that there are still passionate people about teaching...

    keep this post when you become a senior teacher, it'll remind u of everything you always dreamed of... also تجديد النية كمان :)

  3. Fadio..
    Thank you Thank you so much..what a charming you can't imagine what awesome was it unless you try..most of my pal refused the concept of being Teacher ignoring what a difficult job and honesty is it..but I found the passionate about Teaching in Abrar<<Thanks for God..yah I'll keep it If Allah wills and you should remind me:)
    *what about you..Do you like the Teaching??..

  4. I never did any teaching to tell u the truth.. But I suppose it's awesome xD.. i made few presentations. but nothing more. :)