Friday, 2 July 2010

why it's unlike other..

It differs from other channel..It presents value , unique , realistic and variety programs..It shows program for different cultures , customs , places , countries , cities and villages..different ranks..upper - middle and lower classes..various field.. geography , science , history , religious , education , animals ,nature..etc..It also presents people' experience either ordinary or famous.. discusses some of common problem and how we can solve it..and a lot of nice and interesting things..can't to account all..really beautiful channel..that's why unlike other..why I adore it..
have you ever seen channel like this ???
I don't think so ^.^
hope to agree..


  1. Really..finally I found one agree me..
    Which program do you like?
    for me..all of it's programs are awesome..aren't they??

  2. anything that has something to do with architecture or cultures :D